Farm Shares are back! If you are new or returning member of our program, we welcome you!

What is a CSA, you ask? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. We have always been so grateful to the Portland Community for your support of our small urban farm at all of the markets we have attended in the past 9 years: Cully Community Farmers Market, St. Johns Farmers Market, Woodlawn Farmers Market, Powell Butte Farmers Market, Montavilla Farmers Market and King Farmers Market.

A big part of farming is forecasting: trying to figure out how much to grow and how much to bring to each market. Weather plays a role in how quickly a particular crop grows and whether it survives exreme weather. Weather and holidays also play a role in how many customers come to the markets. It’s fairly unpredictable.

This is where CSA’s come in. You now have an opportunity to be a shareholder of our farm by purchasing a share of what we produce each week. This helps us put money toward other projects that will help us grow the best/healthiest food for our community, and you get to reap the benefits!

It goes without saying that some weeks will be more abundant than others. The peak of summer is when we have the largest variety of produce. This is the time of year that we expand our market booth to accommodate our heirloom tomatoes and our multiple varieties of fresh, hand-picked figs among other seasonal specialties. This will also coincide with larger shares for you!

If you are ready to explore what we have to offer, please click on the button below where you will find more details about the shares we offer and a link to our member application.