We operate on a one-acre urban farm in the Parkrose Neighborhood and a half-acre plot in the Cully Neighborhood, founded by the grandson of an Italian urban farmer. Providing food for a large family in Rhode Island during the Depression era, he passed his strong work ethic and passion for growing and cooking healthy food on to his grandson.

What began as a means of sustaining our small family, Red Truck Homestead has grown into a source of fresh, wholesome food for culinary professionals, neighbors and market customers. We grow vegetables, herbs and fruit, and a few varieties of mushrooms. We specialize in a variety of exotic greens.

We are in the process of expanding our little farm onto a blank-slate property in Longview, Washington. Mike is working out a permaculture, food-forest design to maximize the natural resources, the gently (and some not so gently) sloping, southern-facing fields and the available water.

Because we operate from 4 locations, we are not currently certified organic, however, we hold ourselves to higher standards than organic regulations allow. We do not spray chemicals or use chemical soil additives. We are constantly striving for a natural balance on our farm properties: Health soil > healthy crops > healthy compost > healthy soil…