Proudly feeding Portlanders fresh, sustainably-grown, heirloom vegetables,  fruit and duck eggs since 2013.


We operate on a one-acre urban farm in the Parkrose Neighborhood and a half-acre plot in the Cully Neighborhood, founded by the grandson of an Italian urban farmer. Providing food for a large family in Rhode Island during the Depression era, he passed his strong work ethic and passion for growing and cooking healthy food on to his grandson.

What began as a means of sustaining our small family, Red Truck Homestead has grown into a source of fresh, wholesome food for culinary professionals, neighbors and market customers. We grow vegetables, herbs and fruit, and a few varieties of mushrooms. We specialize in a variety of exotic greens.

Currently, we are in the process of expanding our little farm onto a blank-slate property in Longview, Washington. Mike is working out a permaculture, food-forest design to maximize the natural resources, the gently (and some not so gently) sloping, southern-facing fields and the available water.